The Suit of Wands & the Power of Curiosity

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The court cards in the Suit of Wands represent unending curiosity. They represent those who are enthusiastic about the world around them, see opportunity where others do not, and possess a knack for making things happen with a snap of their fingers. These archetypes have a flair for presentation. They can initiate change through pure willpower — and quickly without a second thought. They have magnetic personalities and attract what they set in motion.

King of Wands, the Wielding Mage

Queen of Wands, the Wending Mage

Knight of Wands, the Prodigal Youth

Page of Wands, the Precocious Child

The court cards in the Suit of Wands wish to see it all, do it all, know it all, and have it all. They are interested in people, ideas, skills, causes, careers, new places, etc. Everything looks like something they’d like to try at least once! They are all-around talented in a variety of areas. They are busy pursuing their passions, unworried about emotional stress or physical toil; they have no problem getting fired up. The element associated with this suit is Fire, kinetic energy.

They quickly rise to the top among their peers, sometimes by their skills and other times by their personalities. These are popular people, whose lives seem charmed, though they are not immune to the pitfalls of fame. Some who draw upon these archetypes shift too continuously, leaving false and showy fronts because their true talent lies only in spinning stories in their favor.

The Wielding Mage wields his skills, and can be drawn upon to take an active role in controlling our destinies with forceful intention. There are times in our lives in which an opportunity appears suddenly, with little time to deliberate, and change must occur quickly without a look back. This is when the Wielding Mage can provide the strength to do so with confidence in our decision to rearrange our stars.

The Wending Mage wends her skills, and can be drawn upon for guidance in the steps to take in following our dreams, both the steps forward and the steps back. While the Wielding Mage launches forward, straight to the heart of change in a linear fashion, the Wending Mage holds us in a space where it is sometimes more powerful to try this and that, to listen for what speaks to us, and to know detours are a necessary part of the journey.

The Prodigal Youth impresses us with displays of quantity, and his recklessness is at times a good lesson in not taking life so seriously. He can be drawn upon for living a special moment in pure celebration without direction or analysis. If you need a nudge to just take a risk and go, draw upon the Prodigal Youth who will be happy to keep you company — full-steam ahead! — in your travels and any other new ventures.

The Precocious Child surprises us with hidden qualities, and she is the source of brilliant potential, though her resources and experiences are few. She has the qualities of divine innocence, sometimes seen as prophetic, often making predictions or observations with a clarity unhindered by age or eroded by the weight of the world. She can be drawn upon to identify an untapped, covert perspective of Self for personal enlightenment.

How do you interpret and draw upon the Suit of Wands? Comment below!

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Featured Image Credit: MAAT Tarot by Julia Cuccia-Watts (Suit of Coins Left to Right: King, Queen, Prince, and Princess)


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