The Suit of Swords & the Power of Strategy

In order to jump right in, read the introduction to this series here.

The court cards in the Suit of Swords demonstrate an ability to battle on any front. These archetypes show that wars are not often won by desire, but by a sense of detachment. Great warriors and heroes are generally supported by the tediousness in manipulating numbers, focusing thoughts, and weaponizing words.

King of Swords, the Offensive Warrior

Queen of Swords, the Defensive Warrior

Knight of Swords, the Collective Hero

Page of Swords, the Independent Heroine

Conflict on the battleground and conflict in our individual lives is best faced in the right place at the right time with laws and logic on our side. The Suit of Swords with its focus on logic undermines feeling fear in this way, seeing opportunity in facing opposition when conditions are right. They step forward, ahead of others, to protect their world, their ideas. The element associated with this suit is Air, mental energy.

They live in a reality that fully includes adversity because they accept that difficult times — death, disease, disaster, dependency, depression — must be factored into the overall game plan. They are ready to do what it takes even if that means giving up comfortable lives or comfortable ideas. Sometimes it isn’t a choice and life has forced them to do so.

The Offensive Warrior is concerned with offenseand is helpful in initiating confrontation in order to establish authority, if only just for ourselves and no one else. The Offensive Warrior calls us out when we’re not facing a problem directly or we’re forgetting to use our heads to tackle an issue.

The Defensive Warrior is concerned with defense, and can be drawn upon for unwavering protection. The Defensive Warrior will be on our side till the end without question. When all is lost, she remains; she holds. She reminds us that as long as we’re alive, no matter what we’ve endured, there’s still a way through.

The Hero explores the World for the Truth, and can be drawn upon extrinsically as strength when facing the Unknown. When searching for a universal meaning in life, the Collective Hero charges forward to  give one and all a shared purpose. He has youthful confidence in the cause with encouraging words to spare.

The Heroine explores the Self for a Truth, and can be thought of as an inner warrior. She is a guide within that seeks reconciliation, morality, and meaning; she is set apart from other warriors. The Independent Heroine is there in meditation and prayer. Her conquests resonate in ripples, silently growing our personal Truths, and she can be there to save us from ourselves.

How do you interpret and draw upon the Suit of Swords? Comment below!

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Featured Image Credit: MAAT Tarot by Julia Cuccia-Watts (Suit of Coins Left to Right: King, Queen, Prince, and Princess)


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