The Suit of Pentacles & the Power of Legacy

In order to jump right in, read the introduction to this series here.

The court cards in the Suit of Pentacles are oriented toward building legacy. They place value in their dominion, present and future. The archetypal terms King and Queen are fitting; however, I find them a bit too archaic. Instead, I used more universal terms representing masculine and feminine dominance.

King of Pentacles, the Patriarch

Queen of Pentacles, the Matriarch

Knight of Pentacles, the Heir

Page of Pentacles, the Heiress

This suit and its archetypes have staying power. They are committed to their roles, their place, the structure they’ve built for themselves and the people they love. They are consistent, safe, and grounded people; folks you can depend on to be there when you need them. The element associated with this suit is Earth, physical energy.

They understand the value of land, bloodlines, tradition, trade, brick-and-mortar business, roots, and the weight of names. This is where their power lies — in anchoring their families, communities, and nations.

The Patriarch rules the roost, and can be drawn on for establishing authority, trust, and confidence in oneself, especially when feeling unsettled in one’s current life stage or when overwhelmed by a restless mind.

The Matriarch runs the show, and provides an unmatched stability that can be drawn on to heavily influence family and community dynamics. If she appears, it’s time to throw some weight around!

The Heir actively works to fill his role, establishing his dependability, proving he can follow-up on his word and his work. He can be drawn upon in pursuing practical careers and studies.

The Heiress is still learning her role, and she is cautious. She can be thought of as an amateur gardener, starting out in a side garden, discovering what grows well in the terroir, where to dig, the sunlight’s movement, and how to tend to the vegetation once it sprouts.

How do you interpret and draw upon the Suit of Pentacles? Comment below!

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Featured Image Credit: MAAT Tarot by Julia Cuccia-Watts (Suit of Coins Left to Right: King, Queen, Prince, and Princess)

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