The Suit of Cups & the Power of Creativity

In order to jump right in, read the introduction to this series here.

The court cards representing the Suit of Cups are busy nurturing that which develops and changes — relationships, children, the arts, and crafts. They are drawn to the subjective and experience emotions at great depth (and often dive in quickly).

The King of Cups, the Creator

Queen of Cups, the Creatrix

Knight of Cups, the Lover

Page of Cups, the Artist

This suit has the giving flexibility of all that flows. Their strengths lie in union, vision, and sensitivity. All create. All have an eye for beauty. They see things others don’t. They understand people in ways others don’t. The element associated with this suit is Water, emotional energy.

The Creator designs, and can be drawn upon as we plan to channel our creativity energy. The Creator understands and advocates for all of life’s artful media and the crafting of experience; he considers the dark emotions as well as light, the chaos as well as the order. The Creator provides the tools to wade relational waters.

The Creatrix delivers, and brings our ideas to fruition with work and patience. The Creatrix guides with intuition and hidden sensation. She nurtures an idea into independence, self-aware and experienced in life’s changing stages. She can be drawn upon to discover when a creative project is ready to be borne and when it must be given up.

The Lover acts on intimacy, and sees the world through a romantic lens. He is highly sensitive to the waves communicated by living beings and the environment through anything that emits vibration, high or low. He is inspired by the sensation of motion, and he lets down his boundaries in order to feel more with fewer constraints, rapidly discovering the world’s natural rhythmic beauty. He can be drawn upon to bolster our deep connection with everything around us.

The Artist symbolizes intimacy, and communicates our inner feelings. She can be drawn upon to manifest divine unspoken messages into tangible reality. She is the singer, the dancer, the painter, the writer; she makes what the Lover feels seen and heard. She embodies the performance of creativity.

How do you interpret and draw upon the Suit of Cups? Comment below!

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Featured Image Credit: MAAT Tarot by Julia Cuccia-Watts (Suit of Cups Left to Right: King, Queen, Prince, and Princess)

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