Wheels of Life: Third Eye Chakra Opening Meditation

This is a series related to the chakra system. For an introduction, check out the first post in this series.

Here is the meditation from Wheels of Life (Judith, A.) focused on the sixth chakra, Ajna, the Third Eye Chakra, associated with Light:

“It is dark. Eyes closed, we lie as if asleep, dreamless, ignorant of all around us. Floating in a sea of emptiness, we are cradled in darkness—unseeing, unknowing, at peace. We breathe slowly, in and out, in and out, stretching and relaxing our bodies as we settle into the warm, peaceful darkness inside. We are home. We are safe. We are deep within ourselves, feeling, hearing, being—but not yet seeing.

Become this darkness—all-knowing, yet unknowing, empty and free. Let the dark wash over you, soothe you, as you empty your mind into the infinity of the void, the womb of darkness—the birthplace of our dreams to come.

Somewhere, in the darkness, we hear a sound—a distant note, a voice, a scuffle of movement. We feel the flutter of a breeze upon our face, feel a warmth upon our shoulders, feel the pull to rise and flow and follow but we know not where. Our bodies cannot see and dare not move. They are dark and still.

They call to us for direction, wisdom, guidance. They call to intelligence, they call to memory, they call for clarification of the pattern. They call to light.

And afraid to leave the darkness and safety of our ignorance, we hear this call.

We hear this call and our own mind, hungry for answers, quests outward. We long to see, to know, to behold at once the wonders that surround us. To fill our minds with recognition, the certain steps of knowing, the safety and the peace that light, too, can bring.

We open our mind. We open our eyes. We look about.

Images pour forth in myriad kaleidoscopic forms, tumbling inward, pattern upon pattern, endlessly interweaving.

Colors, shapes, and forms reflecting space around us, reflecting back into us, recording life in patterns that our minds can clearly see.

The mind opens and receives.

But there is too much and the light is blinding.

We call to the dark to shade us, to temper, to bind the patterns into meaning.

And the dark comes softly, hand in hand and shadow to the light, defining, shading, intertwining, ordering.

The light comes more gently now, rainbow colors, healing, soothing, illuminating, coming at will. Active yellow, healing green, soothing blue, potent violet. All that is alive glows with light. Shape and essence in form revealed for us to see and know.

What do we wish to see? What do we call forth to our inner vision? What does the light bring?

Beauty of a thousand suns, beauty of a single Moon,

Patterns of the life we’re leading, all the truth we are perceiving.

Gently now on wings of light, our petals flutter through the night,

Reaching out to worlds beyond, events forthcoming, days long gone.

Holographic matrix net escapes the boundaries by time set.

All the truth can be contained by patterns in the mind retained

Red and yellow, green and blue, interlace in varied hue.

Shape and form, insight revealed, nothing can remain concealed

From inner vision reaching out, seeing truth, removing doubt.

Inside we open, watch and wait, while wisdom’s visions spin our fate.

Illumination shows the way, our inner light turns night to day.

And though the dark shall yet return, we fear it not for we have learned

The way the dark and light combine, letting patterns be defined

Dark to light and night today

Within our minds, we light the way.”

(Judith, A. Wheels of Life, p. 277-279)

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