Yoga Tarot Challenge: Day 73 | Queen of Wands

We’re on Day 73/78 in the Yoga Tarot Challenge! Five more days, can you believe it?

Today, we have the Queen of Wands, which I paired with Padmasana Agni Mudra (Lotus Pose Fire Seal). In the image, she is performing Prithvi Mudra (Earth Seal) so to each their own mudra.

Yoga Tarot Card Image © Lo Scarabeo

“Don’t identify yourself with nothing, not even your most fervent desires. Creative work — excess” (p. 11).

I’m not exactly sure how to interpret this due to the double-negative effect, but I’m going to go with the first message I received, which has to do with attaching ourselves to ideas of ourselves.

For example, if an artist is too attached to their identity as an artist, life begins to fall out of balance, creating a block, even if this is her greatest passion. One must live life to create art. Similarly, if a parent is too attached to his identity of being a parent, a child’s transition to adulthood is out of balance. Parenting is mostly learning to let go.

I am a writer and have defined myself as such since I was young, and yet, I keep my distance for many reasons. I want many things in life and, for me, writing can be deeply and dangerously all-consuming. Often I try to write without identifying as a writer in order to keep myself in reality, the way someone might plant a garden but never call themselves a gardener.

And truly, the title “writer” means nothing, just as the title “gardener” or “artist” or “father” means nothing. These ideas are a set of behaviors that can be performed by any human regardless of age, sex, and background.

Those less self-consious know this. Watch a five-year-old and you’ll see a human who can easily move between the roles of artist and mother and scientist and singer. She doesn’t need titles to tell her about her identity; she performs her humanness.

Don’t wait to “be something” to start. You are something; you’re human. Don’t wait to draw because youre not “an artist.” You’re already an artist because you’re human. Your humanness is all you need to be your own wand!

Happy Thursday, Tarot friends!


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