Yoga Tarot Challenge: Day 57 | The Tower

We’re getting closer! Day 57/78! I can’t believe how far we’ve come!

Back to the Major Arcana with XVI. The Tower (La Torre, La Tour, Der Turm, De Toren), which is associated with Mount Meru in the Yoga Tarot deck. Though the deck depicts someone in Vajrasana, I went ahead and chose Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand) to represent The Tower.

Yoga Tarot Card Image © Lo Scarabeo

“The axis of the universe which is also the axis of the body. The body and World are one thing for the Yogi. Taking care of the first cannot be undertaken without respect for the other. Upheaval — revelation” (p. 8)

I think the more we see everything as connected, the better we can understand the world. The more we see one another as connected, the better we can understand each other. The more we see our physical selves as connected to the physical world, the more we understand.

It’s when we separate everything into categories that things get more confusing sometimes. We think that it makes it easier to understand — this goes here and that goes there — but separation often complicates the world in the long run. It keeps us from seeing things from new and different perspectives; it can discourage our imagination.

The Tower is a card of transformation. Sometimes, we have to destroy what’s in place to build anew — and it can be scary and painful, but it must be done. I can think of times in my life when I tried to avoid the hurt by assimilating new ideas with old ones and, more often than not, it only complicated things because of rigid categories already in place. Sometimes, we have to take down the walls of those categories and create a little upheaval for true revelation to occur.

What in my life needs to be broken down?

What needs to be built up?

What are the ways I avoid the pain of change?

Things to think about…


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