Yoga Tarot Challenge: Day 56 | 2 of Pentacles

It’s Day 56/78 of the Yoga Tarot Challenge and today is an all-day-in-pajamas day.

Of course, traditionally the 2 of Pentacles is all about juggling life and I chose Shavasana (Corpse Pose) because after this busy weekend…I need to like down.

Yoga Tarot Card Image © Lo Scarabeo

“The means of transformation reside within me. Preparation — physical rest” (p. 9)

Definitely needing physical rest today. I’m using the day to turn inward and recharge. I love being around people, especially family and friends, but it drains me so quickly. By yesterday afternoon, I was fading fast. The adrenaline of travel, parties, and old friends wore off just as the spring skies regressed to sleet and snow.

Shavasana suits a cold, quiet day like this one. The asana allowed me to absorb the weekend and meditate on the above quote with little distraction from my body.

The means of transformation reside within… This reminds me of the classic quote from Glinda the Good Witch in the “Wizard of Oz”: “You’ve always had the power… [you] had to learn it for [your]self.”

The power to change is within, not in other people or other things or anything external. No one changes until they decide to do so. Other people and things may inspire us, but at the end of the day, we decide if we will follow through.

No one can believe in our power for us. We have to believe in our own power. We can’t find that level of change anywhere else. It all begins within.


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