Yoga Tarot Challenge: Day 43 | 10 of Wands

Day 43/78 of the challenge — and it’s the Spring Equinox! This week my calendar is full of celebration. This time of year has clearly meant a lot to people all over the world for a long time — lots of new years and spring celebrations.

Today I drew the 10 of Wands and because I cannot lift both my arm and leg (on the same side!) while in a back bend (and I’d like to know who can), I decided to go with Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana (One Legged Upward Bow Pose).

Yoga Tarot Card Image © Lo Scarabeo

“To see both success and failure with detachment” (p.11).

Detachment isn’t an easy perspective to understand in the real world — yet many religions include it in their teachings in one way or another. We find ourselves asking: Am I supposed to not be sad about sad things or happy about happy things? Am I supposed to sit naked on a desert mountainside in total meditation? No, of course not — not necessarily (unless that is your path!)

My interpretation of detachment is this: detachment means that our emotions about success or failure (or death or injustice or windfalls, etc.) do not lead us astray from our spiritual path. For example, if part of my spiritual path includes hard work and humility, then when I gain success in something, I don’t go around bragging about it or slacking on the next project because of my “big success.”

So do we enjoy and share our successes? Of course! There’s no reason to reject good feelings, especially when it is the result of something in alignment with the spirit; denial doesn’t honor anyone or anything.

With that in mind, when tragedy occurs, detachment does not mean we have to repress feelings of sadness or anger, it just means we have to be careful not to let it veer us away from our Truth. It also doesn’t mean we need to go around pretending to be “okay”; spirituality acknowledges darkness as a legitimate space for growth.

For such a short quote, this post took off! Lots to think about for the new year….


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