Tarot Daily Draw: 2 of Coins (Pentacles)

The 2 of Coins (Pentacles) must mean getting shit done because I had the most productive day I’ve had in a long time. It’s about time, the next full moon will be on the other side of the spring equinox…so this is it, the end of winter! Time for some HEAT and energy and spring in my step!

It’s happening. It always does. And yet, every winter, everything slows down so much (in my mind and my body) that I wonder if I will ever get going again. I have to trust the cycle of the seasons.

When I think of the 2 of Coins (Pentacles), I actually think about knowing the territory. I’ve done this. I can do this. I know this. I’ve been here and I haven’t forgotten how to be awesome in this space.

I think my Ace of Swords draw from yesterday must have clicked in the middle of the night because I woke up and just started doing what I do best — being myself. Just checking off boxes on my list of favorite things all day long. ALL DAY.

Let’s see if I can hold onto this into the work week…!


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