Yoga Tarot Challenge: Day 24 | 3 of Swords

Well, we went straight from the productive 3 of Wands to the worrisome 3 of Swords here on Day 24/78 of the Yoga Tarot Challenge.

There was absolutely no way I could get myself into what appears on the card to be an extreme version of Vrischikasana (Scorpion Pose) so I went with the less advanced but still challenging Bhujapidasana (Shoulder Pressing Pose).

Yoga Tarot Card Image © Lo Scarabeo

“How much power have I granted to my fears? Creative impulse — persistence” (p. 12).

This makes me question how much energy and attention I put into the things that hold me back — not just fears, but worries, doubts, and distractions. All these things can keep me in a negative loop for hours — sometimes a whole day. What a waste of time!

The 3 of Swords is often thought of as the card for betrayal, and we immediately start to wonder, who is it going to be? Who will be the Judas? Et tu, Brute? But after meditating on this card and its interpretation, I think the true betrayal comes from within. If I’m giving in to fears, then I’m betraying myself.

The creative impulse and persistence part has me stuck as to how they fit into the picture (comment with your ideas, please!), but I could see these things as ways to counter that self betrayal. If I’m a creative person who is giving in to fears, I need to be persistent about my creative impulses so that I do not give up on myself and my creative work.

I don’t think I’ll ever look at the 3 of Swords quite the same again…!


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