Yoga Tarot Challenge: Day 22 | Knight of Swords

Welcome to Day 22/78 of my Yoga Tarot Challenge. I’ve been doing the Major Arcana every third card, but I realized I should have done Justice today and pulled from the minors yesterday. We will do three minors in a row to get back on track. I doubt it really matters to anyone (but I like patterns).

Today, we have the Knight of Swords (Caballo de Espadas, Cavaliere di Spade, Chevalier D’Épées, Ritter Der Schwerter, Zwaarden Ridder), a card elementally full of hot air. The card depicts full Garudasana (Eagle Pose), which I find fitting. The Knight of Swords definitely seems a bit wound up and this pose involves balancing a good amount of tension in its twists.

Yoga Tarot Card Image © Lo Scarabeo

“Am I bearing inner wounds that are absorbing my energy? Rationality — fixed ideas” (p. 13).

The Knight of Swords is known for possessing an adept mental process and that can be a strength as well as a weakness. The Knight of Swords is quick, smart, and logical, but that fiery Knight quality makes him changeable. If he rationalizes too much, he lacks emotion and pragmatisim in his decisions; he becomes too smart for his own good. When unbalanced, he can also become rigid in his ideas, never changing his views.

Any person represented by the Swords suit and a fire element is going to have inner wounds. If you carry a sword or tend to a fire long enough, eventually, you’ll cut yourself or get burned (even if it’s accidentally). This is a card that tells me to dig deep into those quick flashes of anger we all experience. What’s really behind them? What are the old wounds or unnecessary expectations or leftover grievances that we are holding onto?

This is a great card to use as reminder to choose our battles or question why we are so rooted in our stances. Sometimes long-held beliefs have to be discarded if they no longer serve us and the greater good. We have to let things cycle and change, and the Knight of Swords has that flexibility available if he chooses to honor it.


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