Tarot Daily Draw: Queen of Wands

I find the Queen of Wands inspiring; to me, she represents that person with undeniable willful influence. My favorite description of her is in the MAAT Tarot book: “She is a magician of sorts, pulling the extraordinary out of ‘thin air’.”

I know a Queen of Wands and when she puts her mind to something, it’s as good as done. I would love to think of myself as a Queen of Wands, but whenever I’m around the real deal, I’m always blown away by the sheer drive people like this possess. Whatever they do, they do it right. I let a lot of my own eccentricities get in my way sometimes — not very Queen of Wands.

When I think of this card, I always think of Elle Woods from the movie “Legally Blonde” getting into Harvard and turning to her incredulous ex-boyfriend to say, “What? Like, it’s hard?” I think that is exactly the attitude I associate with the Queen of Wands.

I’m going to take this draw as a sign I should lean on my own inner Queen of Wands. I could use a can-do attitude as we start the ascent out of winter.



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