Yoga Tarot Challenge: Day 13 | The Hierophant

Welcome to Day 13/78 of the Yoga Tarot Challenge! Still recovering…whew!

V. The Hierophant (El Papa, Il Papa, Le Pape, Der Hierophant, De Hierofant)

I chose to do Vajrasana once more for The Hierophant. There are a lot of seated asanas in the deck so I will be doing Sukhasana many more times before we’re finished.

Yoga Tarot Card Image © Lo Scarabeo

“Our interior Guru, the Supreme Self, knows that true knowledge is not mere information, but personal experience. Teaching — ideal” (p. 6).

I know my inner world better than anyone else in the world. I know the truth about my inner knowing. I learn from myself every day. I am my own teacher. I must pay attention. I have to pay attention.

There are things we all experience that can’t always be translated into information; it’s the kind of experience that stays with us as inner knowing. We know our limits; others need not tell us. We know our boundaries. We know the depths of our imagination. We know the endurance of our efforts. We know.

Every day we teach ourselves exactly what kind of people we are.

I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned this already (blame this post-illness fog), but I recently came across the concept that your own word is the one that teaches you about others. If you say one thing, but don’t follow through, you begin to distrust yourself.

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