Tarot Daily Draw: 3 of Coins (Pentacles)

The 3 of Coins (Pentacles) was definitely today’s card. This card makes me think of creativity of one’s craft. Lots of activity, collaboration, things coming together, taking on more, etc.

This was one of those Sundays. I wrote and worked on illustrations for the children’s book I’m publishing (and it’s nearing the end!) The 3 of Coins is an encouraging card when you have too many projects going at once (and full-time work…and a small child). Unfortunately, this card reader appears for me (go figure).

But I lived this card today and it felt good…of course, it also meant I was up late (as you can see) so I will pay for it tomorrow. Hoping for a Yoga Tarot draw in the morning that isn’t too intense. Maybe Shavasana (Corpse Pose), where you literally just lie on the ground? Yes….

Knowing my luck, the card will have me doing a back bend with one leg in the air or something. Ah, well. Gotta trust the process.



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