Tarot Daily Draw: The Star

Whenever I’m feeling negative then pull The Star in a reading, my reaction is always: “…but there’s HOPE!”

Plus, the Star is one of my birth cards, so I have an affinity for The Star. (Go look up your Birth Cards!)

The Star comes after The Tower in the Tarot journey — thank goodness. The Star is that first hint of light after a long, metaphorical night.

The Star is simply a reminder that things get better, that there’s a silver lining — a hint of distant, flickering light….

We all need that reminder. I know I do — daily, sometimes. The Star is always there.

And this image of The Star is one of my favorites. In this depiction, hope is not just all smiles, rainbows, and puppies. Hope is not a flashy, quick-fix. Here, hope is something real, vulnerable, balanced, and peaceful.


Image Credit @juliejcw Julie Cuccia-Watts http://www.newmoontradingco.com


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