Yoga Tarot Challenge: Day 3 | Queen of Swords

Day 3/78 of my Yoga Tarot Challenge….

Queen of Swords (Reina de Espadas, Regina di Spade, Reine D’Épées, Königin der Schwerter, Zwaarden Koningin)

“Nothing is impure in creation, but everything carries out a specific purpose. Forceful ideas — eloquence.” (p. 13, Lo Scarabeo)

When I read this, I thought about all emotions being valid…but this adds the noteworthy: “everything carries out a specific purpose.”

Think of a time you’ve felt so angry you could’ve hurt someone or yourself, we have to stop and ask ourselves, is that what anger is for? To carry out pain? I don’t think so. Anger is about redrawing boundaries for protection. Hurting someone is an attempt to eliminate the need for boundaries completely, but we will always need boundaries. We have to learn to use anger to maintain healthy boundaries rather than eliminate them.

What about other emotions? Maybe I can use this whole concept to rethink how I channel my energy, to better honor the purpose of my emotions.

What about our thoughts and opinions? We have to be mindful, says the Yoga Tarot Queen if Swords. Words should be used to carry out their specific purpose instead of some purpose they weren’t meant for.

For example, if I was a powerful word like fuck, I would hate to be constantly tossed around in casual conversation. That isn’t my purpose.

Respect the destiny of your words. Honor your emotions. Maintain healthy boundaries.

Go. Be eloquent with your forceful ideas.

Yoga Tarot Card Image © Lo Scarabeo


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