Tarot Daily Draw: 5 of Coins (Pentacles)

Not a fun card to draw on a Friday….

Granted, aside from the obvious and traditional “financial insecurity” interpretation of this card, one traditional meaning has to do with life “outside the Church” and another discussed a somewhat different, yet spiritual interpretation — giving up material comforts for the spiritual journey.

Considering I’m on a spiritual path these days, I’m contemplating the latter interpretations more so than the purely money-centric. I’m no stranger to financial insecurity. Probably one of our cars will break down today; that always seems likely.

I’m finding as I get more in among folks whose spirituality falls somewhere outside the modern Judeo-Christian mindset, there are still not many atheists.

I’m an atheist and for most of my life, I kept waiting for something to happen that would give me reason to believe in a deity. I’ve never been able to find meaning in divinity. I have more seriously contemplated reincarnation, ghosts, and witchcraft than God. For me, God has always made less sense than anything some might consider “woo-woo.”

But I still believe things that are my own

Here is what this Tarot-wielding atheist believes:

1. I believe power comes from a human’s capacity for meaning, connection, and progress. We are social, adapting creatures with a penchant for making something out of nothing.

2. I believe Enlightenment/Being One with the Divine/Closeness to God is simply one’s ability to recognize themselves in another living being (be it human or something else in nature). I believe the “something greater” or “higher power” is humanity as a whole. I believe the concept of immortality refers to the sustainment of the human species. I believe our fears derive from the fear of extinction buried deep inside our ancestral memories.

3. I believe improving human life comes from changing the neural pathways in our brains. There are an unlimited number of ways to do this. Sometimes change comes into our perspectives vicariously and sometimes we have to experience it firsthand to feel a change. I try to change my neural pathways through creativity, Tarot, yoga/meditation, traveling, and reading. (And trying new wines).

4. I believe stories are the most powerful way to convey profound messages across cultures and through time because of our capacity for empathy and collective understanding of archetypes. My most constant sense of spirituality lies in writing. I believe there are powerful messages in all spiritual texts. I believe there can even be powerful messages in a cheap paperback. I believe there can be powerful messages in any form of expression, such as music, images, fashion, or architecture.

5. I believe we should all be continuously asking others, “What can I do for you right now?” Taking the initiative in the present moment to do something for someone else — and not something that you’ve decided is best for them — is the surest way to stay grounded, happy, and humble.

Peace and Happy Frig’s Day!

Image Credit

@juliejcw Julie Cuccia-Watts http://www.newmoontradingco.com

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