Tarot Daily Draw: Princess of Swords

via Instagram

Definitely feel more balanced today and look forward to #superbluebloodmoon activities tonight! This says it all — feeling thoughtful and truth-seeking 🤔☺️ #dailydraw #maattarot #princessofswords #pageofswords #queentiyetarot #superbluebloodmoon2018

Image Credit
Julie Cuccia-Watts http://www.newmoontradingco.com/home.html

Tomorrow, I’ll be switching gears and doing my Daily Draw in the evenings with a shorter format because…

I have acquired the Yoga Tarot deck (I love it so much!) and plan to start a Tarot and Yoga challenge in February. Stay posted.

The challenge consists of drawing one card to meditate on while assuming an accompanying yoga pose for 78 days…WISH ME LUCK. I am going to need to draw on so much inner everything to do this. Follow my progress on Instagram @queentiyetarot #tarotyogachallenge.

My Yoga Tarot deck is used, but in great condition so I plan on making it its own little crochet pouch! I also hope to post my new deck interview and a flip-through video for anyone who wants to check it out. (I also plan to do a flip-through vid of my MAAT Tarot because the images are just gorgeously visceral).

Check back in tomorrow morning for the challenge!


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